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Are you due in November?

Are you looking for inspiration for your baby’s name? I remember when I was thinking of baby names, I did not know what I was having. However, I remember being drawn to boys names with my first-born. As you will know, it is difficult to find a name that you both agree on. We both loved the name Ethan, however, when William was born he did not look like an Ethan, so we named him William. I wasn’t sure with my second as to whether baby was a boy or a girl. I was unsure whether or not to find out and at the twenty week scan we did not ask. However, I ended up going to a private clinic in Glasgow around 24 weeks, as I really wanted to know. My boys are both spring babies, I love the different seasons and here we are in November. I bet you are feeling all different kids of emotions, as your due date gets closer. Autumn is such a magical time of the year. Your little one will be a Scorpio (if born between 23 October – 22 November), babies born under the Scorpio sign are very dedicated and loyal. The element of Water is associated with the Scorpio sign.

Below are some of the names associated with the days in November around the world. (Thanks to

1 = Harold, Marianna, Penelope
2 = Hilary, Margaret, Tobias, Valentine
3 = Edith, Hubert, Sylvia, Winifred
4 = Charles, Modesta, Otto
5 = Emmerich, Elizabeth, Malachi, Zachary, Zachariah
6 = Christina, Gregory, Leonard, Leonardo
7 = Carina, Engelbert, Ernest, John Gabriel
8 = Angela, Angelo, Gabriel, Geoffrey, Michael, Severin
9 = Maturin, Ornella, Theodore, Vito
10 = Andrew, Leo, Luther, Martin
11 = Anastasia, Martin, Vincent
12 = Benedict, Conrad, Medana, Torkill
13 = Brice, Christian, Eugene, Eugenia, Killian
14 = Frederick, Judith, Philip, Sidonie
15 = Albert, Arthur, Leopold
16 = Arnold, Edmund, Margaret, Othmar
17 = Augustine, Elizabeth, Hugo, Victoria
18 = Alda, Aude, Odo, Otto, Roman
19 = Elizabeth, James, Matilda
20 = Edmund, Felix, Maxentia, Octavius
21 = Amelia, Maria, Mary, Rufus 
22 = Cecilia, Philemon, Salvator
23 = Adela, Alexander, Clement, Felicity
24 = Chrysogonus, Flora, Emma, Emilia
25 = Catherine, Erasmus, Katarina
26 = Conrad, Delphine, Linus, Sylvester
27 = Astrid, Maximus, Virgil
28 = Jacob, Rufus, Silas
29 = Cuthbert, Saturninus, Saturnina, Walter  
30 = Abraham, Andrew, Isaac, Simeon

According to National Records Scotland, here are the top 20 names for boys and girls in Scotland (2017).

  1. Jack                                           Olivia 
  2. Oliver                                        Emily 
  3. James                                        Isla 
  4. Lewis                                         Sophie 
  5. Noah                                         Jessica 
  6. Logan                                        Amelia 
  7. Harris                                       Ava 
  8. Alexander                                Ella 
  9. Leo                                           Charlotte 
  10. Harry                                       Aria 
  11. Alfie                                         Lily 
  12. Finlay                                      Lucy
  13. Jacob                                      Freya 
  14. Charlie                                   Grace 
  15. Aaron                                     Ellie
  16. Lucas                                      Evie 
  17. Mason                                   Sophia
  18. Thomas                                 Harper
  19. Archie                                   Hannah 
  20. Rory                                      Millie 

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ABOUT ME – I am Laura and I love making magical memories for families. I have been very busy recently meeting lots of families from Glasgow and surrounding areas. If you are looking for a friendly and professional photographer to capture beautiful images of your newborn baby, please get in touch to find out more. It is better to book at scan stage to guarantee a space for your due date. One chance, one moment and one choice – Laura Joy Photography.


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