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Are you thinking of having or hosting a Baby Shower?

Are you thinking of having a Baby Shower in Glasgow? Great! If you are reading this and you are the mummy-to-be. How exciting for you! You will have an insight into what is in store for you! If you are reading this and you are thinking of hosting a Baby Shower on behalf of a mummy-to-be. Either way, please continue to read here…

Have you wondered if anyone can throw a baby shower?
Often it is someone who’s not a relative, however, we have all been to a Baby Shower and a family member has organised the memorable occasion. Therefore, the unwritten rule is pretty much anyone except the mummy-to-be or daddy-to-be in our opinion. Probably best to go with what feels right, as everyone is different and as long as you feel happy to host then go for it! There is always an exception to the rule, I have heard that some mummies-to-be have organised it themselves.

Timing – when is the perfect time for a baby shower?
Most mummies-to-be (that we know), prefer to celebrate their Baby Shower later in pregnancy. It is something exciting to celebrate and look forward to as your due date gets closer. So why not think of it as a party, a fun occasion – who does not love a party? Mummy-to-be also gets the chance to be spoilt by her nearest and dearest.

Set the date and check that everyone you are inviting is free and most importantly, that the mummy-to-be is available (if organising on behalf of them).

Some mummies-to-be decide to have the Baby Shower after the little one is born. What a lovely thing to celebrate with your friends and family!

To gift or not to gift?

If you are organising one – you will know what is right. These days, the Baby Shower is also about ‘showering’ the new baby with presents. However, it’s a personal thing and some new mummies-to-be may just want their friends presence and to play silly games. It is a bit of a send off for the new mummy-to-be. If you are looking for a gift why not offer something different? The gift of a Newborn Photography Experience for the new Mummy-to-be. The Newborn Photography Experience will take around 2-3 hours and Laura Joy Photography will capture beautiful timeless images. Please get in touch below to find out more.


A Sweep stake is always popular and goes down well, you might be the lucky winner too – bonus! The nappy game – guessing the contents of what is inside. I’ll leave that one for your imagination! The blind-folded baby changing game is always fun.

Venues in Glasgow

City Centre

Blythswood Square – Afternoon Tea and you can also hire out the private cinema!

Outside of Glasgow City Centre

The Radstone Hotel, Larkhall

Glasgow Southside

The Ivory Hotel

The Busby Hotel

West End

Cup Tearooms (also offers delicious catering for baby showers – if hosting a private Baby Shower)

The Italian Bistro

Have a fab one and do let us know how you get on! We are getting busy and only take 10 bookings a month. Please book at scan stage to guarantee your due date booking. Please get in touch to book below. I look forward to hearing from you.


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