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Are you in your first trimester? Your Motherhood journey has begun..

Baby scan Laura Joy Photography Glasgow
Scan 2011


According to the Cambridge Dictionary the definition of Motherhood  is: the state or time of being a mother:                                             

Immediately below this it states ‘I don’t feel ready for motherhood yet’. 

I think that is how I felt when I found out I was pregnant with my first son, William. For those of you that do not know, I have two sons William and Samuel. I remember looking at the pregnancy test kit and thinking wow! I am going to be a Mum and I felt a huge amount of responsibility all of a sudden. I was now responsible for nurturing and protecting this little baby growing inside of me. I thought that I was ready as I had chatted to my husband about it in great depth. I felt that this somehow gave me the experience and that I would be ‘ready’ for having a baby. I remember buying a couple of extra pregnancy kits to check I definitely was pregnant. I then followed this up with a visit to the doctor and asked him if I definitely was pregnant! He smiled and assured me that the pregnancy kit was correct.

Overall, I found the whole thing a bit of a mixture of emotions; terrifying, exciting and funnily enough surprising! I know, even though it had all been planned. I also felt sad at times, as my dad died a few years before and knew that my dad would never get to meet his grandchild.

I never knew what I was having and kept it a surprise, I felt that going through nine months of labour was worth the surprise, kind of a completed circle, surprise to start and a surprise to meet my little tiny miracle that had grown and formed inside of me.

I was actually blown away by this very fact that our female bodies get to experience this.  It is magical and a bit scary, as it is the unknown but just remember that you have made something so perfect. So for the days you feel anything other than happy, please just remember that. The hand you will hold, the perfect little baby that you will kiss and cuddle when you meet them – you and your partner made them and nurtured this little miracle until birth. Hold that thought and smile because it is a miracle and one of the most beautiful things called life.

So this is my first blog about Motherhood, I will be writing more but for now, I have attached a link below for those of you that would like to look at what your body is making and doing on the inside:

If you are in your first trimester and have recently had your first scan, please click here:

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