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Pregnancy and Conception are not always the easiest of journeys


I get to meet a lot of families and some clients like to share their pregnancy journey with me. Pregnancy and conception is not always the easiest journey and this story comes with a VERY happy ending. Below is a precious family picture of a family that became three in May 2019. Look at baby Ela holding mummy’s hand here – that connection. Thanks so much for coming to visit us and for sharing your beautiful story – you know who you are.

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‘My husband and I have been trying to have a family for over 5 years. We went for a round of IVF on the NHS, unfortunately we were only entitled to 1 round due to me turning 40 during this. Unfortunately this did not work, partly I felt was because my dad passed away just the day I got my injection to start my transfer and I don’t think I was in the right frame of mind. Our 2nd cycle was private through a clinic we travelled to in Liverpool, again another failure. My husband is Turkish so we decided to travel to Istanbul for our next cycle, we decided that if we had to go again and again it would have to be like this for financial reasons. Again this resulted in another faultier, we weren’t ready to give up yet and we’re preparing ourselves for another round. IVF is a soul destroying process, no-one understands the heartache and disappointment you go through. It takes over your life and is all you think about! On 24th September I had told my husband my periods were late, I wasn’t overly bothered as my cycles always varied in their length. He wanted me to do a test but I was hesitant as I just didn’t feel like I wanted another disappointment. Anyway I decided I would take the test, after about 1 hour I took it and couldn’t believe my eyes when it came up positive, I just sat shaking and crying. Our wee miracle daughter is due on the 23rd May. I am still in shock that I am pregnant and how it all happened naturally.’

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(written to me in a message, December 2018) .

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