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Hello Autmn

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More babies are born in September – fact or urban myth?

🍁Autumn officially starts today | There are two different types of people; people who love autumn, and people who don’t. We love it. It’s a season that brings conkers, who remembers conkers in the playground!? Halloween and beautiful autumnal days when the sun shines in a beautiful blue sky…days in the forest with red and brown crunchy leaves underfoot. Who can resist the undeniable joy of many layers of cozy knit fabrics and a nice scarf and hat. 🍁

🌸It’s also a really popular time to be born. Apparently, more babies are born in September than any other time of year. I will see if that is true and report back. Until then, if you are expecting an autumn baby and would love to capture them under ten days, please drop us a message below 🌸

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