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Brother and sister together as friends, ready to face whatever life sends..

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Baby Struan with big sister Alivia

‘We put lots of effort into preparing Alivia for Struan’s arrival! She was really excited about her new role as big sister. She was with us when we had our gender scan and helped choose little outfits for him. All of these little touches has really helped Alivia as she feels responsible, valued and secure. She calls him “wee Struay boy” and takes great pleasure in helping me care for him day to day. Lots of gratitude and appreciation for being mummy’s special helper too! All of these little touches has made for a happy first few weeks for our family. Their little kisses and cuddles honestly make my heart melt. Alivia says ‘thank you’ to her little brother randomly and neither of us have any idea why, but it’s so sweet and loving. Struan has definitely brought out her loving and affectionate nature. We have never felt so complete.’

Ashley Wilson, September 2019🌸

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