I see my babys gaze meet mine

RETHINK BIRTH | Here is day 2 of our RETHINK BIRTH challenge. This week Hypnobumps will be providing you with a positive affirmation, related to YOUR birth, YOUR body and YOUR mind.

Feel free to print them and/or to put them up around your home. In doing so, you’ll be creating a positive and inspirational environment for you to enjoy your pregnancy in.
Each time you look at the affirmation, take a moment and connect with your body and YOUR growing baby.

We know it seems like the most obvious thing but have you actually thought about meeting your baby? You will have spent months waiting for their arrival.. but have you thought about when they arrive. We won’t get too gushy here but it is the most amazing feeling that you could quite possibly ever feel. Your body made this tiny human – mindblowing stuff!

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please drop us a message below or get in touch with Hypnobumps directly.


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