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What is Freelance Photography?

A Freelance photographer is a photographer who may work for different companies on a regular basis or as a one off project. I have started to develop good working relationships with companies that fit. I am now saying yes to working with more people in different areas as it teaches me to explore outside of my comfort zone. Yes, you need training and you need to practice your skills…but it is really rewarding. Change is hard but I am going with it and I am now reaping the reward. Since everything opened back up again, I have been busy photographing newborn babies and families. I have been asked to photograph adults for company branded images. I am working with several schools in Scotland taking school pictures. I have started working with a company that offers photography services to graduates. It is really amazing to be a part of this very special day.

In addition, I am also experimenting with ‘phone photography’ working with a company called Insta Tours and in the last few months I have met so many lovely people that are looking to explore the city of Glasgow. I have found lots of interesting places that I wouldn’t have normally noticed. Why ? Because you look at the city from a different perspective. I have recently featured in the Scottish Sun – picture attached and with some tips that might help. Please feel free to let us know your most instagrammable spot is or your  favourite place to visit in Glasgow.

I am going to be on BBC Radio Scotland on Friday morning at 10.30 to chat more about the Insta Tour – so please tune in if you can.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about my services.


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