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Laura Joy Photography and adapting to the new normal..

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The GOOD NEWS is we are still working…just in a slightly different way.

Adapting is something all of us humans are good at. As a new parent, you will be experiencing this now more than ever! Wherever you are – we are all experiencing a shift in how things used to be and how they are going to be. We will only tell you about our NOW, our  present and we are using technology to allow us to do the best we can for our clients.

What does that look like?

Well. our existing clients that are booked in are getting a zoom call and we are editing their images for them.

We are also offering a brand new service – we are delighted to announce that we are receiving images from all over the UK and we are editing YOUR images. We can also edit family portraits, pets etc. Please click here to find out more.

We also received this fantastic review:

We are based in Glasgow, Scotland – the good news is you can be based anywhere in the world and we can still offer you this service.

Please get in touch below to find out how we can help you transform YOUR images into professional photos.

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Professional Photo Editing| Image Editing Service | Retouching Service


Did you know that we are now offering a photo editing service. All you need to do is send us your image/s and we will send it back after giving your picture a professional makeover. It can be any photo, as long as you have the digital file that is all we need.

Please note, for more bespoke options requiring the use of Photoshop and altering the image significantly, please let us know as much information as you can and we will get back to you with a quote.

What is it?

Our photo editing service edits the photos that YOU take. It can be of your newborn baby, your family, your pet, your car etc. We are based in Glasgow but you can be based anywhere in the world for this service. Please get in touch via the contact form below to find out more.

What do we do?

We will provide you with an editing service that will consist of broad adjustments of colours and exposure across a range of images, all the way down to local adjustments on an image-by-image basis, such as dodging & burning, cropping or spot removal.

We will then upload your images to an online gallery and you can download the image in high resolution.

Here is what Gemma Newall, Manchester said about our service in May 2020:

Laura Joy Photography has been so helpful in these strange times as we were desperate to try and get some professional quality photographs similar to what we have had previously for our daughters. We managed to take a few with limited resources at home and got in touch with Laura who explained everything clearly and exactly what could be done. Laura was so easy to communicate with, respondong quickly to messages and completing the editing of our images really quickly. We appreciate her help and editing service immensely and will be using her again in the future and will definitely recommend to friends.

If you have been directed via our Facebook ‘Professional Editing of YOUR images’ OFFER, please enter your details and the code below:

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Before and After…Newborn Photography in ‘lockdown’ 2020.


BEFORE AND AFTER | Introducing baby Hallie, just ten days old here 😍.

Hallie’s mummy booked up for her Newborn Photography Experience and was unable to come along due to current circumstances. However, this was not going to stop us from getting some gorgeous images of Hallie under ten days old.

We connected via Zoom Video Communications and daddy took some images of his baby daughter (on the left). The images were then edited (one of the images edited on the right) and I am really looking forward to meeting the new family of three for a milestone session in the near future.

Thanks to all of my lovely clients that have been patient and kind. I really appreciate that you are going with the flow (due to the situation).

Thank you to all of the clients that have booked for the end of June and July (some of you whilst we have been in lockdown too) 🙏


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Online Classes in Glasgow for expectant , new parents and families.

Here are a few businesses that are offering free/paid online classes and entertainment for families with babies and infants and/or expectant parents that will bring some enjoyment to your day:…

Hypnobumps are also offering online Hypnobrthing course in the comfort of your own home with a qualified midwife.

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We are very excited to be sharing this news…we have designed our very own app. We just need to do some more testing and then we can offer it to all of our lovely clients as part of their Newborn and Family Photography Experience.

We will be looking for YOU to test the app initially. Please drop us a message if you would like to help us out. There is no catch, no fee just a helpful person is all that is required. What will you get? Your images on your phone/device and desktop in a creative way.

Is that you? If so, please get in touch.

Thank you 🌸

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