First birthday photoshoot

Hallie turns ONE


Little girl aged one, sitting amongst bluebells with a dandelion and a buttercup in her hand.

Hallie turns ONE | I was asked to take images of Hallie when she was born. However, the world had other plans at that time. A year later, I finally got to meet Hallie to celebrate her first birthday! Spring had arrived and we definitely made the most of it.
‘It’s been so lovely working with you and we love the images so will definitely be back in touch to do some more photos of Hallie in the future!’ Siobhan, May 2021.
Please get in touch if you would like to capture a milestone birthday.

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Fully Booked

Poster on dark grey background saying 'fully booked' white with splash of pink paint


Bookings | We are now fully booked for July. There are a few spaces left for June and three spaces for August.
Thanks for booking with us – it is really, REALLY appreciated 🌸


Everything is going to be..

picture of hand doing an ok sign and the words 'everything is going to be'...


Getting back to things very slowly here at Laura Joy Photography. We have taken some new bookings over the last week and as always, extremely grateful to you.
Really excited to be having our first newborn back in the studio this Friday.
T H A N K      Y O U! 🌸

Newborn Photography April 2021, Reopening 2021

Safe Hands

Safe hands - mum and dad holding baby
             Safe hands by Laura Joy Photography


Safe hands | I am REALLY looking forward to welcoming everyone back! I have really missed meeting new faces and I am pleased to say that I am now ready to have you back in the studio. This week I am getting in touch with those of you that had your little one in 2020 and you will be given priority booking.
As of today, all close contact businesses can officially open and that means us! You and your baby will get the best care and this includes what we do before you arrive. I have ordered rapid lateral flow home test kits which means that I will be doing a home test twice per week (every 3 or 4 days) and I will report every result to the NHS on the same day that I take the test. I will be asking you to do the same and this will be the only way that we can book you in for your Newborn Photography Experience. It won’t be like this forever, so we will monitor this and see where we are when we move down a level. You can find out more here and order tests here:…
I will send more information to you individually about how this will work when you book with me.
For our Outdoor Photography Experience you will not need to do a rapid lateral flow home test.
As always, any questions please drop me a message or e-mail:
Laura Joy Photography 🌸

Head Shot, The Grocer Magazine

Recent project with The Grocer Magazine

Store Manager at Sainsbury's Darnley outside store
Winner: Sainsbury’s Darnley, Glasgow                                                                                                             Store manager: Sarah Brown

During the pandemic we have had to diversify our business and it has been an incredible journey. Recently, we got to work with The Grocer – The premier weekly magazine for the biggest industry in the UK – the food and drink retail sector.

A copy of the article below, taken from The Grocer at :

Winner: Sainsbury’s Darnley, Glasgow

Store manager: Sarah Brown

Size: 86,000 sq ft

Opened: 1992

Market share: 10.2%

Nearest rivals: Tesco – 1.7 miles, Waitrose – 2.1 miles, Morrisons – 2.8 miles, Asda – 3.6 miles

How has the recent refit gone down with customers? This store was the first Sainsbury’s in Scotland. It has had two major refits in its 29 years. The first was an extension about 15 years ago and the second, which took place last November, made us a real one-stop shop. Our GM and clothing areas are now integrated, we have a standalone health & beauty department, Argos Hub and café on the top floor, and concessions such as a Lindt pick ‘n’ mix stand and Sushi Gourmet counter. The new elements are very popular.

How do you anticipate the reopening of non-essential retailers will impact GM sales? I reckon it’ll be a slow-burning change because, judging by how people have acted each time restrictions have eased in the past, many will still be worried when lockdown initially lifts. Some people’s shopping habits have changed for good and they will be unlikely to go elsewhere to grab the clothing and home bits they need alongside their groceries, whereas others will get used to the social aspect that comes with visiting a shopping centre again in time.

The store got full marks for customer service. How do you reward great service? It’s important any employee who goes above and beyond for customers is recognised. Around 20 team members are rewarded with gift vouchers each week through our Love It scheme and we celebrate brilliant service spotted by team members through our ‘wow makers’ programme. Any fantastic customer comments left on Lettuce Know are celebrated too as we post about them on our internal social network.

How have you managed changing shopping patterns through the pandemic? The SmartShop app and handsets have become so popular. They have really helped minimise interactions with staff for customers who want to shop that way to help maintain social distancing. It really helps customers feel safe and makes some choose to shop with us over others. We’ve only had the technology here for just over a year but 20% of transactions are done using it now. The online side has increased tremendously too and we now run the biggest e-commerce operation in our region. We have a 16-van fleet, offer a click & collect service and have recruited 180 additional employees to our 500-strong team to help manage that growth. The majority of our team are local people, which means the store is a real pillar of the community.

Has the store been hit by the petfood shortage? Yes. Petfood has been the most significantly impacted category by shortages this year, especially for brands such as Whiskers and Felix. Customers have had to buy alternatives to what they usually get, but most have stuck to the brands they like the most. We get occasional pockets of poor availability. We had a shortage in canned tomatoes a few weeks ago, for instance, but our overall availability is stronger now than ever. I was worried about how much coronavirus and Brexit would affect stock, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far.

Please get in touch below if you are looking for any images of your staff.