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Hands up if you have recently had a baby?

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🌸Hands up if you are looking for or know of someone that would like a Newborn Photography Session next week? We have one space left. Please get in touch below for details 🌸

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Babies under ten days old, Brand new, Precious, Uncategorised

Newborn Baby Photographer, Glasgow


THIS picture 😍 – look at this gorgeous little lady.  I am sure some of you have #4dscan pictures that show your little one like this. Look how she is still SO curled up and sleepy. Newborn babes lose this quite quickly so be sure to book in at scan stage. Please get in touch to find out more about our Newborn Photography Experience. Mummy and Daddy wanted to capture Harper like this – we have also pictured Newborns with other personalised items; wedding veils, clothing, teddies, family jewelry and other items that mean a lot. What personal item would you bring with you?

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