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Worried about what to expect from a Newborn Photography Sesson? Let me reassure you 🌸

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Let us reassure you..


I wanted to write this as I recently spoke to a parent that said that she worried that she could not predict the date and did not want to ‘mess me about’. I would never want anyone to feel like this. So please let me reassure you.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, I bet that you are feeling a mixture of emotions including; excitement, nerves, trepidation and joy all in one. To have fears and worries when you are pregnant is what all women go through. It is a big responsibility and a life changing event that brings different emotions and is to be expected. If you are reading are very interested in booking a Newborn Photography Experience for your little one. All parents that get in touch intially to find out more ask me questions and the number one worry, is often about when to book and what to expect.

I would like to help to offer further information and to tell you all about what to expect from Laura Joy Photography.

I LOVE looking after new parents and parents-to-be. I like to keep in touch every so often after you have booked and I do my very best to ensure that you have a memorable experience. I want to help you remember this precious time, as it really does fly by in the blink of an eye. I want to give you beautiful images to look back on of your new baby in the first few days of his or her life.

So here are the most common worries that mums and dads- to- be have about booking a Newborn Photography session.

I’m not sure about travelling so soon after baby arrives..

This is a completely normal worry, it is the unknown afterall, but I promise you that you won’t regret making the effort to come out of the house to our gorgeous studio. Usually this is our clients first trip out with new baby so we make sure we look after you too. We have everything you will need here, (wipes, nappies, nappy bags, tea, coffee, sweet treats, wifi, books, magazines etc. ) so you don’t need to worry about bringing anything, just you and your baby.

What if my baby doesn’t arrive in time for the session?

All of my clients tend to book at scan stage which means we have your due date booked into our diary and you are guaranteed a session whenever baby chooses to arrive. Babies can be late or early, so we schedule in the session once baby has actually arrived. We offer you peace of mind by booking you in for your due date and capping our bookings at just 10 per month. By doing this we know that we can fit you in for whenever your little baby arrives.

Did you know? Here at Laura Joy Photography, not one single baby was born on their due date…so we know how important it is to be flexible. Our ethos is all about being flexible and going with the flow as everyone is an individual and you will be aware of this when your baby arrives. You have to let go of the control and just go with their flow – and this is what our sessions are like. All we ask is that you call us or message us as soon as baby arrives, so we can schedule in your date during the first 10 days. This enables us to capture those first few precious days when baby is still tiny and sleepy and curly.

I don’t want to have my photograph taken..

As a new mum or dad, you will have had a very tiring few days and nights, so the last thing you will want to have is your photograph taken. This is completely your choice and if you wish the shoot to be just all about baby, then of course I can do that. I do however urge you to have a few shots taken while you are here for the session. This is such a precious time, one that you will never be able to recreate, so its lovely to capture it for you to look back on. Our baby and parents shots are generally really snuggly head and shoulder type shots, and you don’t even have to look at the camera if you don’t wish to. But this moment, when baby first entered into the world, when you became a mum or a dad, its so precious. I want to help you remember it with an image.

What if my baby won’t settle? Or wees or poos? Or is sick?

Your baby may do all of the above, but that’s not a problem for me. They don’t call me the baby whisperer for nothing.  I can’t guarantee a settled baby throughout the session, however I know all the soothing tricks and tips, and I can promise you I will capture a gorgeous collection of images that you will love, whether your baby is awake or asleep. There are a lot of small things you can do prior to the photo shoot that will help with soothing the baby and creating the right lead up, and these are sent to you when you book your session. We are completely led by your baby, and we are easy and go with the flow. We leave lots of time for feeding and soothing and cuddles. My aim to ensure you both and baby are happy and relaxed, so I create a very calm and relaxing environment, where there is no rush, and we take our time. It is very rare that a session needs to be abandoned altogether but if it is, I would offer you a complimentary re-shoot.

Is it safe?

Newborn photography is completely safe as long as it is carried out by a trained professional. I am completely focused on your baby’s happiness, comfort and safety at all times. I have received a lot of training on newborn baby safety and soothing techniques. From controlling the temperature of the room to ensuring your baby is well supported in poses – I promise you that your baby is in safe hands with us.

So I do hope I have reassured you.  Please don’t just take my word for it…

Here is what our clients say…

Laura did a fantastic job of photographing our little girl Isla who was only just under 2 weeks old. The experience was personalised from start to finish with every effort made to ensure Isla and I were comfortable. Laura’s studio was peaceful and pleasant to be in. Her very calm and patient manner helped relax both Isla and I even when Isla required several feeds and nappy change! The photographs are beautiful memories to cherish. We have enjoyed sharing them on our thank you cards to our friends and family who kindly gave us gifts on Isla’s arrival into the world. Would highly recommend Laura Joy Photography. Thank you Laura.

Laura was so warm and welcoming when we arrived for our photoshoot. She was so kind to our daughter and has the patience of a saint! Our little boy wasn’t settling but Laura allowed lots of time for feeding and settling, with absolutely no pressure at all.
We have just viewed our photos and we are absolutely delighted! We love how pure and natural her shots are- her style was exactly what we were looking for. We particularly love our family shots. It is very obvious that Laura loves what she does and really cares about her clients.
Thanks so much Laura for perfectly capturing this really special time for our family ❤️

Laura was absolutely fantastic with our son, took care of him as if he was her own and made sure he was happy and safe. Not only did she look after our son but she made sure that my husband and I were well looked after. The photographs she took are amazing and we are so pleased with them and would definitely recommend.

You really do only get one chance to capture this precious time. Don’t miss it.

Please get in touch, ask as many questions as you would like.

Thanks for reading.


Laura Joy Photography



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Friday’s top ‘new baby’ tip

Baby Finlay – 10 days old

Friday’s top tip from baby Finlay’s mummy that came to visit us recently for his first Newborn Photoshoot. Isn’t he gorgeous – just ten days old 😍

‘When packing your baby’s hospital bag, pack complete outfits in ziplock bags – vest, sleepsuit, socks etc. Makes it super easy for you/partner/midwife to pull out your bag and everything is all together and matching’.

Please feel free to share any of your top tips – we would love to hear them.

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Baby Fair at Glasgow Fort Today – Mamas and Papas store.

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Baby Fair today at Mamas and Papas store – Glasgow Fort


Really looking forward to seeing you Mamas & Papas UK at Glasgow Fort today from 12-3pm.

Please come and say hello 🌸

We have a fantastic OFFER (today and tomorrow in store ONLY) and once you have booked with us – you will be entered into a prize draw to win the Newborn Photography Experience. How amazing is that!?

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Laura Joy Photography


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Really, really EXCITING NEWS

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The exciting news is finally here….

We would love to invite you and your friends that are expecting your little one to an exclusive event @Mamas & Papas UK. To celebrate this fab opportunity we would like to offer you a very generous SPECIAL OFFER OF 15% OFF of everything – from our Newborn Photography Experience to all of our products including digital images, canvas’ etc. Please check out some of the gorgeous babies that have been to visit us recently HERE.

🤝You can only receive this offer by booking in person with me @ Mamas & Papas UK store next weekend🤝

When? Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th August 2019
Time? 12pm -3pm

What is happening? An exclusive Baby Fair event will showcase a range of stalls from local businesses and brands, bringing you the very best in local pre and post-natal products and services. Expect to see local businesses like Water Babies Daisy First Aid Stirling amongst others too.

AND there is more…

👉Special Mamas & Papas discounts only available at baby fair events

👉Exclusive offers from all of our local business partners who attend

👉Free personalised advice and product demonstrations

👉Support and information about a range of topics to help support you and your family

You can find out more here:

🌸Please drop us a comment below ‘tell me more’ to find out any further details OR drop us a message below 🌸

🥰Really, really, really looking forward to seeing you there 🥰

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Happiness is..being with your baby sister

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Meet baby Isabelle and big sister Jessica that came along to our studio recently for the Newborn Photography Experience. Jessica was a great help and you could see how caring already she was with her baby sister through her speech, movement and actions. It was an absolute pleasure to capture the two girls at baby Isabelle’s first ever baby photoshoot.

Are you expecting a newborn baby soon? Please get in touch below to find out more.