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Behind the scenes – Meet baby James

Behind the scenes | Only just getting the opportunity to post this now – as it has been a busy week here. We have had two gorgeous girls and one beautiful boy. Looking forward to meeting baby Oliver tomorrow – just days old. On Saturday 15th June 2019, I travelled to Surrey to meet baby James. I had the honour of capturing beautiful and timeless images of James at his Newborn Photography Experience and what a fantastic experience it was. James is the the son of my lifelong friend (well almost my whole life) Louise Higgs. It was such a memorable session and here are a few behind the scene images (taken by brand new dad, Nick). A big T H A N K YOU to you all and to Stacy D Photography for letting us use your studio and equipment. I will post some images of James soon – so please keep your eyes peeled.

Are you looking for a Newborn Photography Experience, please get in touch below:

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Hands up if you have recently had a baby?

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🌸Hands up if you are looking for or know of someone that would like a Newborn Photography Session next week? We have one space left. Please get in touch below for details 🌸

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With Father’s Day approaching…what does your dad mean to you? My dad sadly isn’t here any longer. However, I will be thinking of him and for all of the fab things he ever did for me. My dad brought me up as a single parent and sometimes when I look at my children I wonder how he did it all. So for me, my DAD was and still is my absolute HERO 😇What about you? 🥰 #Fathersday #dad #love #hero #joy #firstfathersday

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Expecting a summer baby?

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Meet Emily that came to visit us recently, just 7 days old and brand new

Expecting a summer baby? Please get in touch to find out more about our Newborn Photography Experience.

It is SO MUCH more than just a Photography Session. One of our recent clients said this about their EXPERIENCE recently:

🌸🌸🌸Thanks for having us! It was a lovely experience and we look forward to seeing the photos! Lubna🌸🌸🌸

Newborn babies are only tiny for such a short time. We will capture beautiful and timeless images that you can treasure for a lifetime. We offer a personalised Newborn Photography Experience that is all about you and your family.

Our Newborn Photography Experience takes place when a baby is aged between 5 and 10 days old. We love to capture those early days when your newborn is still sleepy and more likely to curl up in to “womb-like” poses.

Please get in touch below to find out how to prepare your little one for their Newborn Photography Experience.



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Calling all Mummies/-to-be – 30 day BE MORE positive challenge

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30 DAY CHALLENGE| 🌸With #pregnancy and #motherhood you will always have mixed emotions and sometimes experience them at the same time. I know that it is a huge shift in responsibilty and that can be overwhelming too.

I just thought I would put this out there for YOU. Why? Well why not – I tell my little boy every day when he goes to school to ‘choose to be kind’ – because we all need to be reminded. It is a bit like this challenge – we sometimes need to be reminded to be positive.

I will add a positive challenge each day via the slideshow above. Please note, started on 1st June 2019 and will post until end of June.

If you do it, please can you let me know any feedback. You can share this publicly or drop me a message below 🌸

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