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Why book me? What YOU said…

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Why book me? I recently asked a client why they booked me and this is what they said:

‘I wanted a newborn photography shoot because I wanted to have memories to look back on when Emily was at her smallest. Im so glad I booked Laura Joy Photography because Laura was so nice and welcoming as well as being very patient with Emily during the shoot. I had spoke to a few photographers, however Laura was by far the nicest and best priced. Laura also offered an NHS discount aswell as a discount for any friends I recommended which I did’.

Thanks so much for your feedback Sarah 🌼

🌸If you are expecting your little one soon or know of a friend that would like to book, please get in touch asap. We are super busy here and have taken bookings up to November 2019 🌸

Please check out some of the gorgeous Newborn babies here that have been to visit us recently. All under ten days old – such a precious time.

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